Embark on a Literary Journey: Explore Destinations Inspired by Famous Books

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Embark on a Literary Journey: Explore Destinations Inspired by Famous Books


Books have the power to transport us to far-off lands, introduce us to new cultures, and ignite our imagination. They can make us fall in love with places we’ve never been and inspire us to explore the world around us. From the rolling hills of England’s countryside to the bustling streets of New York City, there are countless destinations that have been immortalized in literature. Whether you’re a book lover or just looking for your next travel destination, here are some literary-inspired locations that will take you on a journey through some of the most iconic books of all time.

London, England – Harry Potter Series


The Harry Potter series has captivated readers worldwide with its magical world filled with wondrous creatures and enchanting spells. From Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to Diagon Alley, London is home to many locations that inspired J.K Rowling’s beloved series. Fans can visit Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station where they can snap a photo pushing their trolley through the wall just like Harry did in his first year at Hogwarts. The Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter offers visitors behind-the-scenes access into the making of the movies which were shot throughout England.

Paris, France – Les Misérables


Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables tells an epic story set against one of Paris’ most turbulent periods -the French Revolution- as well as one man’s quest for redemption after serving years in prison for stealing bread for his starving family.

Visitors can take a walking tour through Paris’ Latin Quarter where Hugo himself lived while writing Les Misérables. From Rue Mouffetard where Fantine sold her hair and teeth before becoming destitute; Place des Vosges where Marius fell hopelessly in love with Cosette; Saint-Sulpice church where Jean Valjean was pursued by Inspector Javert; and the Luxembourg Gardens where Marius and Cosette first met. In the evening, take a stroll along the Seine River to appreciate Paris’ stunning architecture as described in Hugo’s book.

New York City, USA – The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel set in New York City during the Roaring Twenties is a story of love, wealth, and excess. The city itself becomes a character in this story of Jay Gatsby who throws lavish parties at his mansion across from Daisy Buchanan’s home on Long Island.

Visitors can take a walking tour through New York City to visit locations that inspired Fitzgerald’s iconic tale such as Grand Central Terminal where Tom Buchanan and Nick Carraway traveled up to West Egg for one of Gatsby’s infamous parties; Plaza Hotel which served as inspiration for many scenes in the book; St. Regis Hotel where Fitzgerald stayed while working on The Great Gatsby; or even head out to Long Island’s North Shore for an unforgettable look at some of the area’s most luxurious estates.

Edinburgh, Scotland – Outlander Series

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series has captured readers’ hearts with its time-traveling heroine Claire Randall who finds herself transported back through time from 1945 to 18th century Scotland where she falls in love with Highland warrior Jamie Fraser.

Fans can visit Edinburgh Castle which features prominently throughout the series including Jamie and Claire’s wedding ceremony; Craigmillar Castle which was used as Ardsmuir Prison where Jamie was imprisoned after Culloden; or even hop aboard The Jacobite steam train (also known as Hogwarts Express) which travels across Glenfinnan Viaduct featured prominently throughout season two of Outlander.

Dublin, Ireland – Ulysses

James Joyce’s Ulysses is set over one day -June 16th- in Dublin following protagonist Leopold Bloom on his journey through the city. The novel’s stream-of-consciousness style captures the essence of Dublin and its inhabitants, making it a must-read for literary enthusiasts.

Visitors can take a walking tour through Dublin to visit locations that inspired Joyce’s masterpiece such as Sweny’s Pharmacy where Bloom bought his wife Molly’s favorite soap; Davy Byrne’s Pub where Bloom stopped in for a glass of burgundy and a gorgonzola sandwich; or even head out to Sandymount Strand where Joyce himself used to go swimming.

These are just a few literary-inspired destinations that will take you on an unforgettable journey through some of the most iconic books of all time. Whether you’re looking to relive your favorite stories or discover new ones, these destinations offer something for everyone. So pack your bags and embark on a literary adventure today!